Our mentoring approach

It starts with vision

Leadership Edge Mentoring is a life-on-life relational experience between a mentor and mentee oriented toward a biblically-based vision for Christ-centered, world-changing influence. Whether meeting over coffee or a meal, or spending time in an activity together, the mentor and mentee have intentional conversations that revolve around prayer, scripture, leadership frameworks and tools, coaching, and debriefing of lessons learned.

We mentor because we believe…

  • Our culture desperately needs Christ-centered leaders who lead with integrity to impact the world around them.
  • Every Christian is called to a relationship with Christ and to Christ-centered influence in all of life.
  • Many young Christian adults desire to serve God but miss their full potential because they lack vision and direction (Proverbs 29:18).
  • Life-on-life mentorship, much like Jesus had with His disciples, provides vision, direction, and transformational and lasting life impact.

Our proven process


Great Commission inspired


Biblically based mentoring


life-on-life Approach


In all spheres of influence


God-honoring leaders

Life Vision Statement

The Life Vision Statement (LVS) is the core aspiration of the mentoring relationship, for both the mentor and mentee. It reads as follows: By God’s grace, to step forward as God’s man or woman, in my spheres of influence, to serve His purposes, for His glory.

The mentor facilitates the mentoring, but we believe that the Holy Spirit is the Master Mentor. This belief has kept us from building Leadership Edge Mentoring around an extensive curriculum or around a mentor “dump-trucking” his/her “wisdom” on a mentee. Rather, Leadership Edge Mentoring is prayerfully built around intentional conversations and debriefing key experiences that prepare the mentee for greater influence and impact.