82% of young adults believe our society is facing a leadership crisis.

We believe the world needs strong Christian leaders.

We are committed to nurturing Christian leaders who can positively influence culture by engaging with individuals during their formative years. At LEI, we inspire and equip mentors to guide and encourage believers to become effective leaders within their spheres of influence, all for the glory of God.

Our mission

To equip and inspire Christians for life-on-life mentoring and God-honoring leadership.

Our vision

Leaders stepping forward by God’s grace in their spheres of influence to serve His purposes for His glory.

Why Do we exist?

At the core of our mission lies a profound purpose: to glorify God through our actions and endeavors. We are driven by the imperative to reshape culture, a pursuit that finds its essence in developing and empowering God-honoring leaders. In a world saturated with conflicting values and misguided notions of leadership, our purpose stands as a counterforce—a call to combat the prevalent worldly views on position and influence.

We exist to provide encouragement, igniting the flames of hope and resilience within those who aspire to lead with faith.

Through our efforts, we aim to help individuals gain clarity of vision, enabling them to steer their paths with unwavering purpose. Our approach is inherently relational, recognizing the potency of authentic connections in fostering growth and transformation. As we move forward, we recognize that our actions serve to activate the Church, uniting its members in a collective mission for discipleship. In essence, our “why” encompasses a tapestry of Godly purpose, cultural transformation, resilience, vision, relationships, and a united Church, all converging to create a legacy that resonates far beyond the present moment.

When it’s needed most

We seek to bless and redirect culture toward God-honoring leadership. We do this by engaging students, young professionals,  and other leaders at an age and stage in life in which their most important views on life, leadership, and values are still being formed. We also provide authentic life-on-life mentoring and training others with this vision.

Our approach

We use the Life Vision Statement as a framework to equip Christians through a special course design to become Leadership Edge Mentors.