What is Leadership Edge mentoring?

Life Vision statement:

By God’s grace, to step forward as his man or woman, in my spheres of influence to serve His purposes, for His glory.

What is Leadership Edge mentoring?

Our mentoring is a life-on-life experience between a mentor and mentee oriented toward a vision for Christ-centered, world-changing influence. Whether meeting over coffee or a meal, or spending time doing some kind of activity together, the mentor and mentee have intentional conversations that include: prayer, Scripture reading, leadership frameworks and tools, coaching, and debriefing of lessons learned.

The mentor is a committed, mature Christian who has been trained as a Leadership Edge Mentor. The mentee is typically a believer who is younger and/or less spiritually mature than the mentor and already possesses the basic foundations of Christian faith.

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Experience an intentional, developmental mentoring relationship designed to, by God’s grace, help you impact your spheres of influence for God’s glory.

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