Humility the Antidote to Pride

September 15, 2019 |
Leadership, Podcast

To grow us in humility is part of the relentless commitment of God as part of His sanctification of us. John proclaims that we have to understand the wonderfulness of that! We tend to think that humbling means to hurt us or to shame us but really the synonym for humbling is freedom—and especially the freedom to know the glory and goodness of God. If, as Andrew Murray says, ‘humility is a measure of my dependence on God for everything’ then the reason God wants to make us humble is to bring us into freedom from the stuff inside of us that falsely seems to be a desirable drink to us. As follow-up to the previous podcast, “Pride: The Poisonous Drink”, John and Laura explore humility as the antidote that takes away the subtle poisonousness of our prideful thinking and actions.

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