A Long Friendship in the Same Direction

November 30, 2019 |
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Laura opens the interview with John and Randy Boyts, his closest friend for over 40 years stating that it’s rare for people, and probably especially men, to have friendships that are as long and as deep as yours. Our topic today is, “A Long Friendship in the Same Direction.”

Though very different from one another, Randy and John reflect on the strength they have found through their friendship as they have encouraged each other on as Hebrews 3:13 describes. John says that one of the residual effects of a long friendship where you share the same core values and have gone through so many parts of life together is that even when you are not together, there is still guidance that comes to you from the life of your friend.

There is a sense in which even when I’m not with Randy, I can hear his voice. I know what he would say. I know how he lives now and how he has lived in the past. Even when we aren’t together, there is guidance that comes from him which gives me perspective and calls me forward. Randy reflects on the value he found as he faced a hard situation a number of years ago where talking to a long-term friend like John, who knew him well, knew his heart, his history could give him needed perspective on the hard situation. Also knowing that John was walking alongside him with support was key to helping him get through a time that was very challenging. Randy says that it is important for men to be able to lay aside pride and pretense to develop a deep friendship. John concludes, we understand the deep need that each of us has for Jesus. We are two men who desperately need Jesus who have learned how to walk through life together.

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