Assessing and Ending the Mentoring Relationship

November 15, 2020 |
Mentoring, Podcast

All good things must come to an end – even mentoring relationships. Josh Wykes and Evan Schindewolf are seasoned Leadership Edge Mentors in San Francisco. In this episode, they join Laura and John to give practical insights and practices they have learned on assessing and ending mentoring relationships.

Show Note Tips: The following evaluative questions have been found to be helpful in LEI mentoring relationships.

  • Is the mentee still making the relationship a priority and is there still a place for me to serve in this mentee’s life?
  • Am I growing to understand the mentee?
  • Is effective two-way communication occurring between us that facilitates understanding and growth?
  • Are the developmental needs of the mentee being met?
  • What is the mentee putting into action as a result of our time together?
  • In what ways does the mentee’s life exemplify the LEI Personal Vision Statement?

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