Revisiting What God is Doing in Us Every Day- Part 1

July 2, 2021 |
Life, Podcast

Revisiting the first of the summer 2019 podcast two-part series.

Every day that we live, once we come to faith in Christ, God is building sanctification in us. Sanctifying us is one of the promises – one the commitments that He has made to us. For us to rightly understand what it means to be in relationship with God we have to understand what He is doing- that He is transforming us! God is not just blessing us, not just answering our prayers, not just being our heavenly Father in soft ways. But He is committed to grow us -sometimes even radically at work to change us to be more like His son. Understanding this can give us greater perspective on things we go through.  It can also guide us to the important role we play in the process of us becoming more like Christ.

Suggested book is “How Does Sanctification Work?” by David Powlison

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