Making a global difference

82% of young adults believe our society is facing a leadership crisis.

– Barna Group, Inc. | 2019

If you want to make a difference in the world, one of the most impactful things you can do is become a mentor.

You should be a mentor because…

  1. It brings God glory
  2. It is a Christian’s calling (Matthew 28)
  3. It produces godly leaders
  4. It impacts the life trajectory of you and the mentee
  5. It is a joy-filled step you can take

Our Mission

To equip and inspire Christians for life-on-life mentoring and God-honoring leadership. 

Our Vision

Leaders stepping forward by God’s grace in their spheres of influence to serve His purposes for His glory.

Our proven process

Our Mentor Training process has been time-tested for over three decades producing world-changing mentors from all over the globe.



Session 1

LEI Mentoring introduction

Session 2

Mentors’ Core Attributes

Session 3

Develop skills to mentor

Session 4

Develop skills to guide Growth

Meet our team

Todd Melby

Todd Melby


As the President of Leadership Edge, Todd is responsible for visioning and strategy development, organizational leadership, partner and stakeholder development, fundraising, and mentoring. Todd believes that investing deeply in one-on-one relationships makes an eternal impact in the spiritual and emotional health of individuals as well as an individual’s community.


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John Hawkins

John Hawkins


Since founding Leadership Edge, Inc in 1993, John has helped university students, young professionals, and organizational leaders across America wrestle with the issue of developing a leadership lifestyle. John believes that this is essential for effective, long-term leadership of today’s complex organizations and corporations.


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Rebecca Thomas

Rebecca Thomas

Mentor Services Manager

Rebecca joined the Leadership Edge staff in 2020 as the Mentor Services Manager. In this role, she supports Leadership Edge Mentors, Mentees, Volunteers and Alumni through LEI Mentor Training, LEI Mentoring Relationships, volunteer efforts, and beyond.


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Mentoring leaders since 1993


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Leadership Edge Inc. is currently in 36 states and nine countries.

With your support, we are making a difference in the lives of over 500 people across the world. Discover what our mentoring process is all about.